mercredi 22 décembre 2010

Styling portions of Text in Android TexView

A  simple way to style portions of text in  TextView Objects  is by using a string resource; you can add some  simple styling, such as blod or italic using HTML notion. For example, in res/value/strings.xml you could declare this:
<string name="quickfacts"> 
<b>Inhabitant in Tunisia:</b>"\n" ca 10 million "\n\n"
<b>Official Language:</b>"\n" Arabic (French as a second language)"\n\n" 
<b>Currency</b>"\n" Tunisian Dinar (TND)"\n\n"
<b>Country Code:</b>"\n" 216"\n\n"
<b>Time Zone:</b>"\n" GMT + 1 hour"\n\n"
<b>Religion:</b>"\n" Islam"\n\n"
Styling text diaplayed in a textView objetct:

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