vendredi 18 février 2011

My Android "Azkar" Application: Pretty Design & Nice Animations

I'm pleased to share with you a useful  and pretty application for the muslems people : Azkar Application.

  • The aim of  this application is to show the daily invocation for muslem people.

  • There are 6 invocations supported in this version 1.0.

  • If you  want to add a  specific invocation in the new version your proposals are welcome.

I have tried to add some animation effects in order to make the user interface more attractive and innovative.

  • A first animation that rotates the view on the Y axis between two specified angles.

  • This animation also adds a translation on the Z axis to improve the effects.

  • The second animation between the Invovacation's screens is a simple Alpha animation supported in the Android UI animations.

  • Some screens captures from the different supported invocations with beautiful background and different colors: Morning invocations, Evening invocations, Prayer Invocations...

I hope that "Azkar" application will be published soon in the Android Market.
I'm waiting for your comments and proposals to improve the application and add  some useful functionalities.

2 commentaires:

  1. Can you put Airab on the dua's as well for non arabic people? That would be great

  2. Assalemou alaykom
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