vendredi 18 mars 2011

Android UI Prototyping

It seems to be very helpful to do earlier  prototyping  of  your Applications.
Show your ideas at the beginning of your project life cycle and getting the right feedback from the customer could help you to build and design a great software.

In this post, we will see an android UI prototyping tool : UI Prototyping Stencils
You can find answers to many issues and  perform your software quality .

  • What the customer expects?
  • What is required and what is optional? 
  • How to show  customer a GUI without implementing? 
  • How to organize menus?
  • What are the desired colors?
We can answer earlier these questions by using a Prototyping tool .

The Sentil  for the  Pencil GUI prototyping tool is available as an  add-on for Firefox and help you to do Prototyping of Abdroid UI.

To install:
  1. Install the Pencil add-on.
  2. Open Pencil by clicking Tools > Pencil Sketching... in Firefox.
  3. Right-click in the 'Shape Collections' pane on the left and choose Install new collection....
  4. Browse to your Downloads folder and select the .ZIP file for the stencil collection you'd like to install.
To Download stencil Collection for Android UI URL

Below a Youtube Video describes  how  to prototype Android UI  using Sencil tool.

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