dimanche 1 mai 2011

LG Real 3D

In this post i will introduce the Real 3D sdk presnted by LG in the Android platform.

What's Real 3D ?
Real3D is technically known as stereoscopic vision which refers to the human ability to view the same image with both eyes in similar, but slightly different ways. Because the normal human eyes are about 2.5" apart, there is minuscule difference between images that is gathered from each eye.
The brain then combines them to form a single picture and this vision allows the brain judge depth and distance. Real3D uses those characteristics of human perception to create a 3D image.

Type of 3D display
LG use the auto-stereoscopic display which refers to 3D display technique that creates stereoscopic images without needing special glasses, as the left and right eyes view different images. 
When different images are projected into different locations in the viewing space, a person in the correct position can feel the stereoscopic effect via binocular parallax, seeing the different images projected into their left and right eyes. A special optical device is attached to the front of the display panel in order to project different images in different directions.

Installing the LG Real3D SDK

From Eclipse's Windows menu, select Android SDK and AVD Manager.

Select Available packages in the left panel Click Add Add-on Site button. 

Enter “http://developer.lgmobile.com/sdk/android/repository.xml” in the Add Add-on Site URL 
dialog that appears, and click OK button.

  Check Real3D by LGE, Android API 8, revision 1 and click Install Selected button.

Creating the Android Virtual Device (AVD) for Real3D emulator 

In the Android SDK and AVD Manger, type name of AVD and select target to Real3D Add-On (LGE) - API Level 8.

Real3D API Demos

LG Real3D SDK provides the following API Demos which are small applications that illustrate the use of LG Real3D APIs. 

A simple application that displays two rotating spheres. 
Video playback 
A simple video player application. Source code must contain hard-coded path of video file. 
Camera preview 
A simple application that displays a sample image for 3D camera preview. 

 You should now see the Real3D sample application:


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