vendredi 10 juin 2011

Could Optimus 3D be the phone of the Year ?

I was asking my self if a samrtphone equiped by 3D technology could be the big challenge for the mobile industry for this decade.
I remember, when i have used the LG Optimus 3D for the first time, i was very impressed.
I could not imagine that you are able to watch 3D films directely in your mobile without needing 3D glasses.
I have the chance to study more the technology and to see how LG invent a new way to show 3D images on the LCD panel.

What was impressing my, rather than the ingenious way of adding a Barrier layer in front of the LCD screen to delivere a seperate image to each eye, the many "3D" services or options that a 3D phone provide regarding a  normal use.
Using Optimus 3D phone you can :
  1. Watch 3D movies.
  2. Play 3D games.
  3. Record 3D videos.
  4. Share 3D contents(3D Youtube, HDMI (TV)).
  5. Take 3D pictures.
  6. 3D apps.
There are many ways to mesure innovation, but perhaps the most elemental yardstick, at least where technology is concerned, revolves around the job that technology in question lets you do.

An invention lets you excute two jobs that were impossible before is twice as innovative as an invention that lets you do only one new thing. 

To see how  much Optimus 3D is innovative, since it allows you  doing many jobs around the 3D technology,
I remember  the 10/10 rule introduced by Steven Johnson in his nice book Where Good Ideas Come From:The Natural History of innovation.

Based in this rule, Steven Hohnson show that new ideas take,usually, a decade to go from a new innovative idea to mass adoption.
He mentioned the case of Youtube which went from idea to mass adoption in less than two years.
Youtube let you publish, share, rate, discuss, and watch video more efficiently than ever before.
Regarding TV,Youtube gives you the ability to do many jobs. Even HDTV let you only watch more pixels than before.

Any idea can be more and more innovative by giving many new jobs or added-values in the same  time.

For these reasons 3D phone and specially the Optimus 3D with the including 3D services could be, in my opinion, the phone of the year, or may be of the decade.

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