mercredi 8 juin 2011

Tunandroid 2011 Event

It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the Tunandroid's first birthday event.
I have been a member in the community since last year, and I was thinking how to give support for the tunsian's Android fans especially after the Tunisian revolution. 

Tuanandroid is the official Android community for tunisan developers.
It gives support for students and developers to improve their knowledge on the Android's platform. contains more information about the community's activities and helps Tunisan android geeks to be updated with the last news about Android technologies and mobile vendors.

During this event, the big  South korea firme, LG, was presented to give support to Tunisian Android developers.
Christoph Marschall,Technical Manager of LG Europe Lab & Me from Tunisia Lab have the pleasure to  present the Real3D technology and how to start developing 3D applications using the Real3D SDK.
Ricardo Cerqueira, member of Cyanogen Mod  team, have presented how to build and maintain Android distributions. 
Fans of Google technologies (API,engine, Map creator ...) found a good opportunity  to ask about its and to have idea about Google strategy in the Middle East & Africa zone. Conference was animated by William kanaan, Business development Manger for MENA Zone at Google.

I share with you the LG Real3D presentation.
All needed documentation are available in

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  1. it was a great day. thank you Mr. Houssem. good work.

  2. Nice article, hey do have William Kanaan's presentation, I can't find it anywhere online.
    Thanks for sharing the LG 3D one :)

  3. Hi, @Ghassen You can find it in this url: