samedi 28 juillet 2012

Aix: Moving File system to a new Volume group

Step 1 Close the source LV 
# umount  /fs_on_rootvg

Step 2 Copy the source logical volume to the desired volume group.
# cplv -v  new_vg  lv_source 
this will return  the name of the new logicla volum, such as lv00

Step 3 JFS and JFS2 file systems require a log device.
run  lsvg -l <vg_name> , if JFS or JFS2 log does not exist you have to create it.

To make a  new JFS2 log, enter 
# mklv -t jfs2log  <vg_name>  1 
This will return a new jfs2log volume, such as loblv00.
This new log volume will need to be formatted with the logform command .
 # logform /dev/loglv00
Answer yes to destroy.

Step 4 change file system's lv and log device 
# chfs -a dev=/dev/lv00 -a log=/dev/loblv00 /myfilessytem

Step 5 run fsck  to ensure file system integrity.
# fsck -p /dev/lv00

Step 6  rmove the source logical volume
# rmlv lv_source

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