jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Enabling Intel VT and Non-Execute Memory Protection for VMware EVC

I have faced this issue after integration of new server in our current vmware production cluster.
This leads to incompatibility problem with your current HA cluster as you can perform VMotion with below  error message:

A simple way to fix this issue is by masking NX/DX bit for the virtual machine.
To permanently fix this issue you will require to Enable Interl (R) Virtualization Technology (VT) and Non-Excecute Memory Protection in BIOS.

To do this you have:

  1. Migrate all running VMs in the  concerned Esx server.
  2. Put the Esx server in maintenance Mode.
  3. Reboot the Esx server.
  4. While the server is initializing Press < F9 > to Boot in the Bios and go to "Advanced Option " Menu. 

         5. Select "Processor Options"

           6. Select "No-Execute  Memory Protection"  and  enable it.

            7. Enable Intel (R) Virtualization Technology.

             8.  < F10 > to save and Exit.

Once you Exit , the Esx  server will reboot.

Now you can doing Vmotion migartion between your Esx server also you can configure EVC in your cluster.

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