mercredi 22 mai 2013

IT Governance

Some of the hot discussion in my organization is about IT Governance and cloud computing.

What is the  impact of the cloud on IT Governance?

What effect does the emergence of the cloud have on IT strategic investements?

It's important when talking about such topics to take a deep time and understand the principals element of IT Governance.

This post will talk about the definition of IT Governance, its principales and processes.

From a definition point of view, you can resume IT Governance to important questions:

  • What decisions to be made ?
  • Who is accoutable for making decisions?
  • How will the decisions be made?

IT Governance aims  to align IT investment with the hole entreprise strategy and works to ensure few principales:
  • Ensure IT is aligned with business.
  • Ensure IT delivers value to the business.
  • Ensure IT manages risks.
  • Ensure IT manages resources.
  • Ensure IT manages performances.
So your IT decisions should be aligned to the Entreprise business startegy and ensure the principales of IT Governance.

For this, campany should follow processes and recommandations to let IT projects aligned with the theentreprise business strategy, and so we speak about IT Governance processes which could be listed as below:
  • Audit and risk managment.
  • Architecture management.
  • Building and maintaing applications & infrastructure.
  • Client Relationship Management.
  • IT Planing.
  • IT Financial and Resource Allocation.
  • Outsoursing Services.
  • Project Execution & Decision making.
  • Provisionning of IT servicies.
The IT Goverance decisions focus in the IT architecture Decisions, the selection of Business Applications to satisfy the Business needs and to  define the right priority of each decisons.

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