dimanche 10 novembre 2013

G-Cloud for Tunisia !

When I was reading some topics about cloud computing technology, a smart and important post had brought my attention : Government Cloud.

In reality, regarding Arabic summer movements, I was thinking how to accelerate IT development in my country and why not in all the Arabic region.

Governments ,now, are searching effectiveness and efficient on their programs, reducing costs and bring with them an innovative systems to encourage investment  and improve quality of services.

Majority of citizens are asking now for more transparency,  open platforms and agility on Government projects.

In other hand, Public sector organizations are increasingly driven to improve operational efficiency, information share and service delivery to satisfy demanding citizens seeking seamless, while significantly reducing the cost of delivery.

Recently, Cloud computing has captured significant attention as both a business and computing model that enables public sector to achieve these daunting objectives.

Many major government IT organizations around the world, including the US.,Canadian, UK, Australian and South Korean national government have already defined their cloud strategy for public sector.

I started blogging  around Goverment Cloud computing in French language.
My first objectif is to simplify the concept for arabic country and specially for Tunisia.

Please visit my new blog  called Tunisia Goverment Cloud. I have chosen gcloud.tn as name similare to UK iniatice G-cloud.

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