vendredi 3 octobre 2014

Tunisia Govenment Cloud Initiative #TGCI

                                                       Tunisia Government Cloud Initiative 
I have published the Prez which resumes the global aspects of the Tunisia Govenment Cloud intiative.

Some studies are based on federal and vendors  cloud simulators .

I have focused on showing the importance of adopting such strategy for modern government.

Changing the way business is working, citizen oriented model and transperency are the big causes for adopting such intiative.

Many governments around the world have done similar initiative. From USA, UK to Japon, Australia and Europe have developed their own global government Startegy to reform their IT to be support Economic changes and goals.

Many govenments around the world are facing big issues regarding employement, economic reforms, social probelms. IT could help modern govenment  to find solutions for suchs problematics.

eHealth, eJob, eTravel, eBusiness ...  are some good intiatives that could help experts to resolve big probelms and define reform Strategies.

Government Cloud Strategy could be the catalyst for all these solutions by preaparing the right infrastucture and enviorement to hold such propostion.

Reducing cost of IT across the public sector and change the way public organizations buy services and commodity can help  a while on resolving budget problem for same big public companies in Tunisia.

Services will be exposed for all public organizations on an Online MarketSpace where vendors and PME can publish their somutions and services to public sector.

A Cloud framework will describe the needed and mandatory aspects to respect by and vendor and for any proposed service.

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