mercredi 4 janvier 2017

NFV/SDN/Cloud Transformation for Telecom service provider

During our NFV transformation project within a global Telco Group in the region, we got the chance to lunch a big RFP(Request for proposal) to select the right list of vendors to help us during this journey.

We have defined a target strategy and set a clear roadmap for the different project millstones.
The project was divided on many phases, one of the big phase was about transform the underlying infrastructure footprint that will hosts the NFV,IT and public cloud workload.
The infrastructure phase was about select the right vendors for several domains. Below are the list of covered domains at that time:
  •          Compute domain
  •          Storage domain
  •          Datacenter Network domain
  •          Hypervisor domain
  •          Storage virtualization domain
  •          Software defined network SDN
  •          Cloud management platform domain

You might ask why we decided to divide the scope on many domains.
In fact, we believe that through software defined solution the technology is more and more software oriented. And what was no able to be done before through software solution is nowadays possible.
Hardware solutions are more and more commodity, and market is really mature in these domains. This includes existing old vendors and new ones who lunched recently (3 years back) their new infrastructure equipment’s solution.  I’m speaking here about Telco vendors who try to provide end to end solution to keep the market share under their control as before.

Cloud transformation is a hot subject for Telecom operators. Adapting new methodology of work for operation, procurement, organization is not an easy task to do.

Historic telecom vendors are facing the some challenge but with more stress coming from  concurrence and new actors in the market.

Transform sales model, target new teams, adapt new skills for cloud, NFV and SDN is not a monthly effort.

Big carrier like At&T, Telefonica, orange have taken the lead on such initiative and try to drive their organization to the right strategy.
Back to technology market, there are many organizations, groups that try to help carrier doing such transformation.

We have spent long time analyzing different approach from ETSI NFV , TMForum , OpenNFV, etc  and we have tried to build a transformation framework helping carriers transform their self through  a practical angle.

In our next posts, we will try to describe in details different steps to follow to start your NFV-SDN-Cloud transformation.

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