mardi 3 janvier 2017

Request For Proposal (RFP) Request For Information (RFI) documents

During my few years with technology telecommunication industry, I was involved and responsible for the technology trends evaluation. Through this process, Telecommunication operators can  follow technology refresh and trends for many domains.

It was really challenging for me and my team to follow the trends for many domains: Cloud computing, infrastructure across different fields including computing, storage, networks, SDn openstack, big Data, etc..

We didn’t have enough time to write a fair document that allows us evaluating vendors against their solutions and bids. Commercial and technical evaluation need to be done each time we lunch a new RFP(Request of proposal).

We spent days and nights writing, defining and setting the right requirements per domains as agnostic as possible against each vendors approach.

At the same time we were very stressed by time and we should delivery as fast as possible to give the vendors the time to look for our requirements and involve the right technical people to response back.
I used to look on the internet to find someone that helps me defining all of these requirements .It was too difficult to find the right person with the dedicated skills. And what we were looking for was the list of requirements, or at least a set of basic requirements that could be our starting point.

I decided to share with you what we have defined as model for different domain after several years of experience in the RFP ( request of proposal ) process dedicated for Cloud computing, Infrastructure , NFV , SDN and transformation services for cloud computing.

Next posts will be dedicated to help you defining all of these requirements from an agnostic angle.
Hence, developing and RFP or RFI is not only the matter. How could I start evaluating my bids after I receive all of these responses. It will be a very complicated and time consuming task when your initial template was not well defined.

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